Caroline Furs x Rodeo Champion


Honoring the pursuit of Excellence: The scoop on our sponsorship of a Rodeo Champion

Caroline Furs recently stepped up to support our first-ever association with a sports personality, Canadian Professional Rodeo Champion, Morgan Grant.

Company President and CEO, Carol Grant Sullivan points out, “Morgan’s a young and very talented athlete--- a rising star on the Professional Cowboy circuit”.  Upon graduating from Texas A&M, Morgan Grant set his petroleum engineering career aside-- to follow his dream of becoming a Professional Rodeo Champion. It’s been two years -- Morgan Grant is currently ranked top 10 in the World, and the Overall Canadian Points Champion in his event. Morgan is a family member, born in the North, and raised to pursuit excellence. Carol continues “with his mega-watt charisma and a personal commitment to becoming the Best in the World, Morgan is well-aligned with our brand values. He’s the perfect representative for our new Ranch Collection”.

We aim to continually honor our Northern roots, remaining authentic to the Canadian ideal. Caroline Furs offers customers exceptional fur products and designs, using only the best pelts available in Canada. “It’s a pleasure to show support for my nephew, Morgan Grant. He represents our brand image with big heart. ” 

Join us and follow Morgan Grant’s story @morgangrantrodeo

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