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As a small child growing up in the North, my parents encouraged me to play and enjoy the wonder of the outdoors…

I remember walking to my skating lessons before school at 6 AM. The temperatures often reached 40 degrees below zero. I wore a beaver coat to brave the cold of winter. Today, I still conjure up the warm, cozy feeling of that fur collar pulled up around my face. My Northern upbringing instilled a deep affinity for nature and for the people living on the land. They are respectful of their surroundings- the last people on earth to affect nature. The idea of fur and beauty, design and nature being together in perfect harmony has shaped my work.

I believe in taking a renewable and sustainable approach to accessing fur. The goal is to maintain a long-term ecological balance. We only use part of what nature produces each year, never depleting our valuable Canadian wildlife populations or damaging natural habitats. My morning walks to skating practice awakened something inside of me that has never left. The idea of strong, bold, lush fur combined with beautiful feminine shapes and sporty silhouettes… The 2017 Collection is a reflection of those timeless, sophisticated, classic pieces- with a distinctive feminine silhouette. They are lifestyle pieces that become more beautiful with time.

Growing up in the North has been a privilege and an inspiration. The beauty of the landscape, the extreme climate, and all the stories of my childhood - this reminds me of our humanness. It’s this calm and serene lifestyle that I’ve tried to interpret in my 2017 Caroline Winter Fur Collection.