Welcome to the unexpected cool—our 2017 Collection.

We are expressing ourselves with innovative, new looks, and a world of new ideas- building upon our terrific year of continued growth.

This past season, the luxury home and lifestyle market responded very positively to our expanded collection of sophisticated fur blankets and cushions in North America. We kept with our tradition of combining the finest Canadian pelts with an assortment of new patterns and many exciting shades of cashmere. Our master furriers continue to create each Caroline piece by hand, transforming our fur designs with colors and textures, inlaid in new and innovative ways.

It is our focus on quality and our commitment to hand workmanship, our unique designs and use of colors that sets us apart. Caroline furs has always had a close relationship with the natural world, the beauty and art of nature in Northern Canada – that which is a link to the company’s own roots. We’ve had countless collaborations with celebrities, designers, and architects over the past year, including a delightful commission to design and outfit the hottest new heli-skiing lodge on the planet, Bison Lodge Revelstoke.

Our new season- the unexpected cool celebrates a culture of rebelliousness in our designs, it sends a new, fresh emotional message that identifies our brand with a more open and innovative sense of style. An extravagance in our use of fur that features novelty and a love of beauty and art. There are some extraordinary furs to wear and to collect in the unexpected cool.

I have to say I am in love with…. the unexpected cool. To me, it offers a sensibility of luxuriousness that is rare and novel, a rebelliousness that is staggering upon first glance. I hope you find enjoyment from viewing our new collection and perhaps you will discover a special fur to take home.

Carol Grant Sullivan,
Founder & President, Caroline Furs